Web / Animation


  • MAI website

I managed the design and approvals for the MAI website through a web design firm. The concept of the mouse-tracking compass point and layout of the pages came from my catalog design. The compass was an interactive element that would actually rotate and track your pointer through the website “following you as you found the direction for your perfect door”. I worked closely with the company that created the website to help them understand the thinking behind the UX and the way our customers would look for features.

Devo fan site

  • Devo website

The focus of this web project was to explore the rich animation features of CSS3. The subject was open so I chose for my subject a band that exuded effusive fun and energy. The transparency of the main graphics allow for a layered and energetic movement that also reveals the navigation. This snippet is not the full range of motion, just a few seconds of it.
The overlapping characters of the band’s name move to echo the stage energy of the band. The movement of those letters is scripted so that they react with each suggesting random movement. In other page links I’ve also incorporated videos snippets that move along with other motion graphics into the pages for a different but cohesive experience throughout the site.

Aquafina landing page concept

  • Aquafina website

Concept Statement: Splash! (as a title, it’s action and sound effect together, it says water without showing it) Water of love (love your body, love yourself) Flow into wellness.
Inspiration: This site had a focus on lifestyle and entertainment content. As an “online fashion and wellness magazine” it connected the viewer to the latest information about those trends. While the page design is sleek and streamlined, it’s important to give some nod back to the sponsor, Aquafina. By titling the website “Splash!”, there is a suggestion of water without having to show visuals of it throughout the site.

BenQ web banners

  • BenQ treVolo gif

This new product debut uses simple animation to demonstrate the dramatic design function that allows the hinged speakers to bring out the maximum musical experience in a small and portable speaker space.

  • BenQ Valentine's Day gif

A 3-D projector and glasses were promoted for Valentine's Day as a way to bring couples together. Now if the equipment could just pick a movie both wanted to watch together that might be real news!

Prof Ward website

  • Prof Ward website

This website was created to promote my the projects of my students in my career as a graphic design instructor and begin to document the projects and processes that were created in my classes.