Southwest Airlines billboard

  • SWA billboard

This graphic combination of elements was used as both a billboard and airport ceiling dangler to promote SWA's new relationship with the National Hockey League.

Fruit Stripe Gum

  • Launch
  • Blast
  • Fireworks

A series of ads that visualize why this product is so popular with its young audience.

Park Cities Bank

  • Jar
  • Shovel
  • Mattress

This series of ads was for an audience of new college-age customers who live really close to the bank but may not be used to having their own bank accounts.

Track & Field

  • Long Jump
  • Runner
  • Pole Vault

These ads were used to promote the timelessness and the immediacy of the key moments in track events.


  • Long Jump
  • Runner
  • Pole Vault

These ads were to used to visualize the reason to visit Vietnam as they were just opening to the West. The idea was to focus on the inevitable changes that happen to popular travel areas.