Southland Flavor Cards

  • Brain Freeze card
  • Cinnabomb card
  • Electric Green Apple card

Illustrated signage for various flavors of Slurpees.

T-shirt graphics

  • Launch
  • Blast
  • Fireworks

The first shirt is for a dive trip in Cozumel Mexico. The copy is in spanish and reads "Beware the sirens of the deep".
The graphic cowboy is for a texas designer with illustrative boots.
And the last shirt was suggested for a family-oriented corporate company picnic.

Cut-paper style

  • 7-Eleven Football Cups
  • Pepsi Field Sports

The first illustration was used for a series of 7-Eleven mugs where the colors matched the teams in their cities.
The second group was the Pepsi Field groups and schools that had a variety of programs.