Unearthing the many facets of the brand for a data-mining client

Tradeshow Banners

  • Tradeshow Banners

Benefits from the service were summarized in short, simple phrases for these banners to be effective. They were encapsulated into the 'plus' symbol for a concise summary that is also part of the product's name. Through these simple statements and graphics, these banners quickly introduced the main idea to their audience.

Brand Strategy

  • Branding-1
  • Branding-2
  • Branding-3
  • Branding-4
  • Branding-5
  • Branding-6

This strategy document contains a running dialogue that helps explain the thinking behind a variety of solutions for the brand strategy. The many options for logos and taglines were deconstructed for how they aligned with each key aspect of the brand promise.

Furniture Brand

  • Furniture

This project was used to demonstrate how a new sub-brand for high-end furniture could be added to the traditional appliance line-up while conveying a brand that aligned yet still had it's own font and color palettes that aligned with the main brand.