Matching consumers to MAI's exceptional entries

Flagship Catalog

  • MAI Catalog

This manufacturer of high end designs and importer of exclusive hardwoods requested a complete re-branding to include all the new product lines and focus on their level of craftsmanship. Much photo research and combination of product images were used to create a fully-realized vision of how MAI could help consumers follow the path to creating their own dream home.

Biltmore Promotion

  • Biltmore Promo Poster
  • Biltmore Promo Logo
  • Postcard
  • Biltmore Promo Planogram

The Biltmore Promotion was a year-long, multi-layered program that included sales products like flyers, faxes, web banners, direct mail and posters to help distributors build excitement for an expenses-paid vacation giveaway for themselves and their customers.


  • Vanderbilt LaScala ad
  • Log Home Ad
  • Map Drying Ad

The first ad is for La Scala, a line of high-end Italian turnings designed with a focus on the Vanderbilt style and marketed under the Biltmore Estate brand.
The second ad alludes to how the MAI brand can fit any style of home and customer.
The third ad details attention to detail behind the wood harvesting that sets MAI apart from their competitors.


  • MAI website

I managed the design and approvals for the MAI website through a web design firm. The concept of the mouse-tracking compass point and layout of the pages came from my catalog design. The compass was an interactive element that would actually rotate and track your pointer through the website “following you as you found the direction for your perfect door”. I worked closely with the company that created the website to help them understand the thinking behind the UX and the way our customers would look for features.