• Cafe Select Hot Chocolate
  • Slurpee C
  • 7-Eleven Matches

Café Select was a premium brand of on-the-go beverages created for instant self-indulgence. I created the illustrations as well as the design.
This Slurpee package was designed to be recognizable from any vantage point, even on the ground. All of this was to inspire you to try a brainfreezing concoction yourself.
The matches packaging was a first step to creating a proprietary look for in-house branded products that could be printed with the simplest of processes.


  • Naturals ReDesign

The challenge was to revise the vision of Frito's flagship products as upscale brands. The use of lifestyle images with a focus on primary color were used to create a strong emotional tie with the long, storied history of these products.

Galleria Collateral

  • Shopping Bag collateral
  • Primavera Galleria

These campaigns stressed the diversity of shopping experiences and emphasized the architecture and attention to detail that makes the Galleria so unique.
The Primavera campaign introduced the annual garden show.