Bringing extra fizz to the 100-yr Pepsi brand


  • Pepsi All-Star Game
  • Bat kiss
  • Gordon Celebrates
  • Winning Run

Various P.O.S. created for markets around the country that supported specific sports in their region but couldn’t afford to be team or region specific. Pepsi-sponsored star Jeff Gordon was popular enough to have his own program. This several-day photoshoot included one scene for building the active racing scenario at Daytona.

National Promotions

  • Pepsi photoshoot
  • 24oz display

The Channel 24 concept was a four-sided point-of-sale construction with rotating images with several scenarios that demonstrated how this new product size could be consumed and when it was used.

Major League Baseball

  • Bat kiss
  • Mouth of Dirt
  • Pepsi All-Star Game

The client challenged us to make the partnership between Pepsi and MLB attractive to a younger MTV audience. My response was to emphasis the player’s passion for the game. Simple iconographic visual fulfilled the client mandate to create a repetitive effect “Paint the town blue” and leveraged Pepsi’s designation as “The Official Soft Drink of Baseball”.

Tradeshow / Display

  • Dew TradeShow graphics
  • Lipton Tea End aisle

This tradeshow illustration / concept was a created as an eight-foot high wall for a vending group's tradeshow.
The sunflower-themed end aisle was created as an identity for the Lipton products as a whole for large shopping store experiences for summer promotions.