Targeting consumer tastes at all touch-points for Frito-Lay


  • Naturals ReDesign

The challenge was to revise the vision of Frito's flagship products as upscale brands. The use of lifestyle images with a focus on primary color were used to create a strong emotional tie with the long, storied history of these products.


  • Biltmore Promo Poster
  • Biltmore Promo Logo
  • Postcard

The Food Service Vending department requested several ads for their industry publications. The first ad is a for the Ultra Grab, a new package size for their product lines that was 'just the right size'.
The Munchies ad was created to show the vast audience and demand for these products.
The final ad is for the new Baked line of Frito-Lay that show how easy good decisions were with these new "Smart Choice" products.


  • Vanderbilt LaScala ad
  • Log Home Ad
  • Map Drying Ad

Quiznos challenged our group to create a variety of promotions to advertise in their stores. "Green with Envy" was to promote Frito's guacamole-flavored chips by focusing on prizes that were, of course, associated with the color green.
The Chip n' Dip promotion was a summertime promotion where the prizes were all water-themed.
The final graphic is for a separate promo that focused on how Frito-Lay products could be more beneficial for the long-term in raising money for the schools than the traditional bake sale.

Food Service Vending

  • MAI website
  • MAI website

This FSV brochure was used for their salesforce to promote the inclusion of Frito-Lay products in the consumer market at small and medium-sized businesses. It included the sales pitch and recipes that could be used in many different restaurant venues.
The Subway promotion was a secret-shopper campaign that featured a graphic specially created by illustrator Bill Mayer that created excitement and rewards for staff recognition.