• Appliance Warehouse
  • Louisiana Scholars College
  • Uptown Tuesday Night

Appliance Warehouse (a retail appliance dealership)
The Louisiana Scholar’s College (a college for advanced degrees)
The Uptown Association (restaurant services)

  • Dallas Plan
  • Caracol final
  • RightStaff

The Dallas Plan (growth planning board for Dallas)
Caracol (logo and variations for a company that harvest dyes from a variety of natural sources around the world)
RightStaff (a staffing company specifically for the tech world)

  • Java Jungle signage
  • Java Jungle Logo
  • Batos Locos Chili logo

The Java Jungle Cafe (signage and mark for a trendy coffee house)
Batos Locos Chili (tattoo for a chili competition)

  • DataTags option 1
  • DataTags option 2
  • DataTags tradeshow option

Data Tags (options for a data-mining company that scrapes data from the internet daily to create tags for retail use)

  • Office Depot Xmas logo option 1
  • Office Depot Xmas graphics option
  • Office Depot Xmas logo option 2

Office Depot Xmas logo and graphics options

  • FL Chip 'n Dip
  • MAI Biltmore Promo
  • FL Green with Envy

These program logos were designed to visualize the promotions and create excitement around their respective campaigns.

  • Dillons Sandwich Promo
  • Dillons Cup Promo
  • Harrah's Restaurant

The first two logo-graphics were for cup graphics for restaurant. The last was for a cafe at a Harrah's casino and created a visual pun around the word "Club Sandwich".