Take 2 parts Design, 1 part each Writing and Web. Shake well, sample and repeat.


I see my job as to synthesize the essence of my client's offering into a concise idea that needs no explanation. I start this by working closely with my client to create strategy and rich brand experiences. His design philosophy throughout his career follows the premise that if the proposed brand promise is unique and well-connected with the product/service, a strategic focus and expressive execution will yield memorable results.


Strong Concepting
Campaign Development
Website Design

Client List

A Little Gem Jewelry
American Airlines
Catholic Charities
The Dallas Plan
GTE Byron Nelson Classic
Harrahs Casinos
Hogan Systems
The Galleria
Jenkins & Gilchrist, LLP
Lucent Technologies
Office Depot
PepsiCo Foodservice
Pizza Hut
United Distillers and Vinters
The Uptown Association

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Research helps me to understand the client's challenges and competitors. It's important for me to view the area which you market in which the products and services reside. This path to developing insight and background helps create compelling ideas as well as to get a feel for the personality and tone of the client's company. This phase is defined by documentation in the form of schedules, creative briefs and estimates..


This phase is much more than putting ideas on the page, it's about communicating your 'unique selling proposition'. A strategic partnership develops in which I try to find to find the 'voice' of your brand and to communicate like a lead salesman or a trusted friend. Giving a range of options helps meet the objectives defined in the creative brief. After a direction has been chosen, the process of collaborating to refine and hone it to it's final aesthetic form.


At this stage the final idea is taken to execution across all communication platforms for a seamless and immersive experience. Getting all aspects of the communication down.


After the job is live analysis takes place. Is it reaching your audience as intended? Is the idea communicating as intended? This review allows for revisions that help hone the campaign to it's final and most effective execution.


William D. Ward is a Designer and Art Director who started at small design firms working for a wide range of clients to Tracy-Locke to work on global brands including Pepsi and Frito-Lay creating solutions across a range of print, POS and advertising executions. As Assistant Marketing Manager of a manufacturing firm he re-branded the company advertising, crafted their first national promotion and concepted the company website and collateral winning local and national awards. Bill has been recognized by the Dallas Society of Visual Communication, Houston Art Director's Club, How Magazine and Print's Regional Design Annual.

He feeds his passion for art and design with travel. On a 6-month sabbatical to Europe and Scandinavia he was able to visit a score of countries and experience many amazing cultures, people and museums of the world. It's infrequent, but always leaves him wanting to research new places and experiences.

Bill earned his MFA at Texas A&M-Commerce with an emphasis in Communication Design in 2010. He started as an adjunct at the Art Institute of Houston-North and after six months was promoted to Program Coordinator to manage 150 students and eight adjunct teachers in the Advertising, Graphic, and Web Design programs while teaching three senior-level classes. With the birth of his daughter he moved back to Dallas to bring his family and relatives together.

Bill's continuous focus on updating skill sets has brought him combine his design skills with web design and managing consumer messaging through html communication. His passion for giving back to his community had beckoned him to volunteer with the Dallas Society of Visual Communication and the National Student Show for 2014. He has been asked and accepted to be Co-Chair for 2015's National Student Show.


Are you interested in finding out more? You can contact Bill at 970-231-3255 or just just drop a line at BillWard.Draw@Gmail.com. I'd be happy to talk to you about your communication and design challenges.